iPad mini may get own event, ship in November

A report from iMore this morning indicated that Apple is planning to unveil the next iPhone along with the iPad mini on September 12th. The next iPhone would then ship out to customers 9 days later on September 21st, although the exact launch date for the iPad mini wasn't quite as clear. iLounge corroborates iMore's sources, saying that the next iPhone will launch in late September, but the site isn't quite as confident on the prospects of the iPad mini.

iLounge believes that the iPad mini won't make an appearance at the September event, as the device reportedly isn't ready yet. A source speaking to iLounge claims that the smaller tablet should ship in time for November, an odd date which is usually untouched by Apple releases but is perfectly poised for the holiday season. In addition, Apple is reportedly working on accessories to accompany the iPad mini, which include smaller versions of the Smart Cover and Smart Case.

The same is true of the next iPhone. Apple is said to be working on two cases for the next iteration of its smartphone. The first will be similar in style to the current bumper case sold for the iPhone 4 and 4S, while the other case will have "a major impact on the accessory market." It's not clear exactly what Apple is cooking up, although iLounge believes it could involve a kickstand.

Finally, minor details are hinted at for the fourth-generation iPad. The chassis on the next iPad will be tweaked slightly, retaining the same design and shape but swapping in the new smaller 19-pin dock connector that's been rumored to make an appearance on the next iPhone. An additional microphone will be also be added onto the rear of the device which will assist in noise cancellation for FaceTime calls and video recording. The iPad mini may see a debut this year, iLounge and its source notes that it's unlikely that Apple will refresh the new iPad this year.