iPad mini and next iPhone tipped for September 12th reveal

Specs and case parts for the next iPhone continue to leak out, and now iMore has it on good authority that the next iteration of Apple's smartphone will be announced on September 12th. As is often the case with Apple's announcements, the product will follow soon after, hitting retail shelves on September 21st. iMore's sources also indicate that the iPad mini will be shown off at the same event, although no launch date was provided for the tablet.

The latest report falls in line with recent rumors that Apple has bumped up the reveal of the latest iPhone from October to September. It also marks the first time we're hearing of an iPad mini announcement, and the timing is certainly interesting. Reports have suggested that the iPad mini would make an appearance later in the year, and it looks like Apple may want to hold one big blowout event detailing multiple products rather than spacing out the announcements. iMore believes that the redesigned iPod touch may also feature at the event.

The short delay between the announcement of the next iPhone and the actual release also fits with past Apple launches. The iPhone 4S was announced on October 4th, making its debut 10 days later on October 14th. The new iPad, meanwhile, was unveiled earlier this year on March 7th, making it to stores 9 days later on March 16th. The next iPhone will see a similar gap of 9 days.

Current information suggests that the next iPhone will see an increase in screen real estate, moving from 3.5-inches to around 4-inches. The resolution and aspect ratio of the screen will also see a change, increasing to 1136x640 and shifting a 16:9 ratio. Leaked backplates suggest a two-tone aluminium material, with the 3.5mm headphone jack moved to the bottom of the phone alongside new machine drilled speaker and microphone holes. Apple also looks to be replacing the dock connector, ditching the classic 30-pin port for a smaller 19-pin hole. The iPad mini, meanwhile, is said to be around 7.85-inches, although it's not clear if it will feature a Retina display.