iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 tipped for August production: specifications MIA

As months pass since the last release of devices in Apple's iPad range, suggestions of production of the two newest entries in the environment appear. This week word comes from Taiwan that one of Apple's most-used manufacturing groups, Foxconn, will be ramping up production on both a second generation of the iPad mini and the 5th generation of the full-sized iPad as soon as next month in China. This news comes attached with a supposed production sample of the new iPad mini, sharper edges, black casing, thinner body and all.

What you're seeing here is an in-the-flesh version of what Apple has been tipped to be bringing to the market later this year for some time. The iPad mini 2 (or more likely simply titled iPad mini, replacing the first), will carry with it a set of internals advanced beyond that of its predecessor. At the moment it's still suggested that this model will bring a newly minted mini-sized Retina display, but just as many tips to the contrary have surfaced due to production restrictions.

NOTE: This article's image contains a photo of the original iPad mini (on the left) and the suggested iPad mini 2 from Mobile China Union. They appear extremely similar in size and shape, save the thickness and possible sharpening of corners – if only very slightly.

It's also been tipped – all the way back in May – that the iPad mini processor will be the same as its original iteration while the Retina quality display will come first.

According to leaked schematics from late last month, the iPad 5 (still titled "iPad", as it were) will be popping up with iPad mini-like edges and an ever-so-slightly smaller body. This will be the first time since the switch to the iPad 2 that the iPad will have made such a significant leap from its current body type.

And don't forget the iPad 5 case leak from back in April as well. They're looking a lot more realistic the more we're seeing these iPad mini edges, that's for certain.