iPad 5 hardware given early up-close look in video rundown

Now that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have landed in the hands of consumers in major markets around the globe, all eyes shift towards Apple's next batch of devices, particular the much-awaited next iteration of the company's tablet line, the iPad 5. Various leaks and rumors have already circulated around the Internet and now we're being treated to a video comparing the supposed back cover of the iPad 5 with those of the current generation iPad 4 and iPad Mini.

A few days ago, we shared some photos that detailed the dimensions of the would-be iPad 5. Based on those measurements, the tablet will be 239.2mm tall and 169.5mm wide, making it slimmer than the iPad 4. Not only that, it is going to be thinner and lighter than the older tablet, at 7.2mm in thickness and weighing 0.092g. Of course, this is only comparing the back covers of the devices and not including the electronic components yet.

From the leaked video that you can see below, the iPad 5 seems to have more in common with the current iPad Mini in terms of design. It sports the same rounded edges of the smaller tablet compared to the more tapered edges of the iPad 4. Also, like the iPad Mini, the iPad 5's volume rocker is split into two separate buttons instead of the single button style found on the iPad 4.

There are, of course, some differences with the iPad Mini, aside from the obvious larger form factor. It seems that the iPad 5 will have a second microphone hole at the top of the cover, whereas the iPad Mini does not. It remains to be seen if the iPad Mini 2 will sport a similar setup. Also featured in the video is a new case for the iPad 5, though it seems to be still in need of a few rounds of polish and style befitting a premium accessory for the tablet.

No new date has been revealed yet, so everyone's still eyeing an October reveal for the iPad 5, coinciding with last year's iPad event that unveiled the iPad Mini. Also expected to debut on that day will be the release of OS X Mavericks as well as a new Apple TV that was absent from this month's Apple event.

VIA: Mashable