iPad 2 shipping now within 1-2 week range

Waits for the iPad 2 are getting down to a reasonable timeframe now, as the Apple Store is showing 1-2 week delivery times. So it looks like the craziness surrounding the iPad 2 launch has finally started to calm down, and supply is catching up with demand. A few days after launch, shipping time was up to 3-4 weeks. The demand for the device is still high, and the iPad still predicted to be the bestselling tablet through 2015. Now, though, it may begin to be a bit easier to get your hands on one.

There have been some hiccups in getting the popular tablet to consumers, including claims that Best Buy was holding out on customers, trying to even out sales numbers not sell out of the tablet too quickly.

And there have been more compelling apps coming out for the tablet, such as the Gorillaz iELECTRIBE limited edition app that lets you synthesize your own music. And then of course, there's Garage Band, and any number of other gee-whiz cool stuff you can do with an iPad. According to Gartner's report earlier this month:

"A media tablet is not just a different form factor to perform the same tasks that can be done on a PC. Tablets deliver a richer experience around content consumption, thanks to the ecosystem they support. The richer the ecosystem, the stronger the pull for consumers."

There is now competition for the iPad, but nothing has struck quite the chord with consumers that the iPad has. Now that supply and demand are evening out, we will most likely see the tablet for sale in more locations.

[via Apple Store]