iOS dominates Android in mobile web traffic stats

Those who have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus can't put them down, it seems. The latest web traffic statistics for mobile devices are in, and it shows iOS users have distanced themselves from Android a bit further. An impressive 61.4% of mobile web traffic is from iOS devices, up from 60.6% since the launch of the iPhone 6. Android users comprise just 37.5% of web traffic, despite having a massive market share. Ahead of the iPhone 6, Android made up 38.4% of mobile web traffic.

This information arrives via analytics firm Piper Jaffray and advertising outfit Quantcast. With that, it's safe to assume these numbers reflect devices traveling through their network. While it might be enticing to refute their claims, these metrics are similar to usage statistics we routinely see.

It's not all iPhone, though. According to analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, iPad is probably driving these numbers:

As a starting point, Kantar research estimates iPhone US market share is 33 percent. We believe that iOS users are likely more engaged with their phones on a daily basis than Android users. Third, we believe that iOS' contribution from tablets, which are likely to generate more traffic than a smartphone, is currently greater than Android's.

These statistics also back up IBM's Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping metrics, which saw a vast majority of the traffic and purchases coming from iOS devices as opposed to Android.