iOS 7 Beta release drops today (for developers)

Chris Burns - Jun 10, 2013, 2:12pm CDT
iOS 7 Beta release drops today (for developers)

While iOS 7 wont be available for the public until later this fall, Apple has made it clear that the system will be delivered to developers starting today. This is good news for those developers in the audience that aim to develop for this generation and future generations of Apple mobile devices, especially since it’s clear that this wont be the last generation of Apple mobile device hardware updates. And let’s not forget the “hacker” developers, too.

This week has played host to details surrounding iOS 7 – but not the whole lot. While camera features and ease of use bits and pieces such as AirDrop for mobile were made a central part of the presentation, Apple pushed the idea that they simply did not have time to show everything they’ve already got working inside this operating system.

Apple plans on releasing iOS 7 to a limited set of devices due to its advanced technological features, it seems, with only the following (and forward) getting this cut-off handed to them:

iPhone 5
iPad (4th Generation)
iPad Mini
iPod touch (5th Generation)

Outside this – notably the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, mind you – no other Apple mobile products will be getting an update to iOS 7. Not an official build from Apple, anyway. Apple has let it be known that items like Maps bookmark syncing, FaceTime Audio, Activation Lock, and more will be detailed soon – meanwhile it’ll be the developers who make the full list known to the public. Stick around SlashGear in our Apple hub for more information as we continue to dig in!

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