iOS 6 adoption now at 60% for iPhones, iPod Touch lagging behind

Apple's iOS 6 operating system has been out on the market for almost two weeks now, and already we're seeing 60% of iPhone users making the leap to the updated version. iPad owners are coming in second with a 45% adoption rate, and the iPod Touch is lagging behind with just 39% of owners updating to iOS 6.

These numbers come to us from advertising and research firm Chitika, where they tracked millions of mobile ad impressions coming out of their ad network from September 18 to October 1. The adoption rate of iOS 6 was then split up by iOS device and compared to the total iOS web usage.

iOS 6 has seen a pretty fast adoption rate so far. In its first 24 hours of availability, the new OS was installed on 15% of iDevices. Not only is the adoption rate quick, but users are updating to iOS 6 faster than ever. To be exact, users were updating to iOS 6 122% faster than iOS 5 during the first two days of release. It seems users have a lot of faith in the new update despite Apple Maps.

While iPod Touch users have been slow to adopt iOS 6 according to the numbers, lets not forget that almost half of all iPod Touch models aren't able to update to iOS 6 — first and second generation iPod Touches are stuck at iOS 4. With that said, 39% is actually a pretty respectable number, and there's still a lot of new features that third and fourth generation iPod Touch users can take advantage of.

[via GigaOM]