iOS 6 updates hit 15% of devices in first 24 hours after release

Well this is interesting: it seems that a lot of iDevice owners were quick on the uptake with iOS 6 when the new mobile OS launched yesterday. A new report from analytics firm Chitika (as reported by TechCrunch) says that in the first 24 hours since the release of iOS 6, 15% of iOS users have already downloaded it. That's a significant bump up from the adoption rate of iOS 5, which only managed to arrive on 20% of devices after the first five days.

The Chitika report also compares the adoption rate of iOS 6 to the roll out of Jelly Bean, which currently only resides on 1.5% of Android devices two months out from release. It seems a bit silly to compare the adoption rates of iOS 6 and Jelly Bean though, considering that Android manufacturers push the Jelly Bean updates instead of Google, whereas Apple has direct control over the push to iOS 6. Still, if you're one of the folks who loves the platform wars, there are your side-by-side stats.

A separate independent report from Chartboost shows the same results that Chitika got, with 15% of Apple devices updating to iOS 6 in the first 24 hours (NOTE: both images in this post are from Chartboost). Chartboost's report goes a little more in-depth, showing that iPhone users are the quickest to adopt, with 17% of iPhones now running iOS 6. By comparison, 13% of the iPads roaming around out there have updated to iOS 6, while only 9% of iPod Touches have updated. The vast majority of iDevices are still running iOS 5.1.1, but that's bound to change in the coming days and weeks.

iOS 6 boasts a number of improved features of iOS 5, but one of the new features that is causing some controversy is the new Apple-developed Maps app for iOS 6. We've seen many complaints about Maps in iOS 6 today, but aside from that, most people seem to be happy with the update. What do you think of iOS 6 so far? Are you one of the many having issues with iOS 6 Maps?