iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public beta 5 ready for you now

The latest version of iOS is available for download for your various devices right this minute. This newest iOS release is still technically a Beta, but it's just about as close to a final release as we'll see before the last phase before full public release. This week's release is the iOS Public Beta 5, release extremely soon after the previous most up-to-date public beta – released just last week!

If you've never used a Public Beta from Apple before, it's important to recognize the risks involved. It's a Public Beta, which generally means it's more reliable than an equivalent developer beta build. But it's not meant to be used on your main "daily driver" device. If you have only one iPhone that you use for everything, this is NOT a piece of software you should download right now.

Instead, iOS 15 Public Beta 5 is made for those iPhone users looking to get in on the newest version of the operating system and give it a whirl before it's made public. These users should keep in mind that the software is meant for testing – for Apple to get feedback on any features that are still less-than-perfect, glitchy, or downright broken.

This new version of iOS 15 includes Mail Privacy Protection. This update is said to stop users from checking whether you've opened an email and seeing your IP address. This update updates the Wallet app so it'll support more kinds of keys and IDs.

This update expands App Privacy Report so users can see permissions sought by individual apps. This includes location access, camera access, and more.

Perhaps most important to users looking for security and privacy while using Siri, this update allows Siri to process requests directly on the device. This COULD mean that, far, far into the future, even if your iPhone is no longer connected to the internet, Siri COULD still answer questions for you.

Another important change comes in Safari. With this update, users are able to choose whether they have a top address bar or a bottom address bar. While it might not seem like a major change to those users that don't access the internet with a browser on a daily basis, this update to Safari is absolutely vital to the hardcore user. This update also removes SharePlay.

If you're looking for this update to your iOS or iPadOS device, drop in on Settings – General – Software Update. If you've not joined the iOS 15 Public Beta with Apple's beta system yet, now's an OK time to do so!