iOS 15 Beta 5 released to public: Check your iPhone for updates

This week users of iOS devices in the public can gain access to a new iOS 15 beta. This new beta build is equivalent to the iOS 15 Beta 5 released to developers earlier this week. If you are working with a new iPhone or iPad and would like to download this latest version of the iOS or iPadOS software, you can do so by heading to Apple's Public Beta website.

To access iOS 15 Beta 5 or iPadOS Beta 5, head over to the Apple Beta Software Program site. At that Apple site for the beta, users will need to agree to a few terms before enrolling. Once you agree, you'll be able to send feedback to Apple about the software using the Feedback Assistant app.

You may be attempting to download this latest iOS 15 beta because you're looking for new features on your iPhone. If you have just one device and use it for all your most important business and personal day-to-day communication, downloading a Beta of iOS is not recommended. The same goes for iPadOS – the beta release system is made for testing, not for simple early access.

Apple also has Beta releases available for Mac computers with macOS Monterey. There's a tvOS 15 Beta out for Apple TV devices, and an Apple Watch early access system currently working with watchOS 8. If you are already a part of this Beta program, you should check your device now for the latest Beta – it should be available by the end of today.

Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on the Beta system with iOS and other Apple software. If you're a current user of the Public Beta software system with Apple, let us know how it's going! We'd love to have a chat with you to see what sort of user you are and how you happened to join said program!