Intel Atom 330 dual-core rumored for Q3 2008

According to the latest rumors, Intel are planning a dual-core version of the Atom mobile processor that will launch in Q3 2008. Like the existing single-core Atom 230, the new version – to be called the Atom 330 – will run at 1.6GHz. It will also have double the cache of the original Atom, 1MB, though it's speculated that this will be in the form of two discrete 512kb, one for each processor core.

Further details include a 533MHz FSB, the same as the Atom 230, which will be overclock possible on certain motherboards, with 64-bit processing together with executive disable bit both supported. Best of all are the power demands; despite the dual cores supporting four threads in total, the peak TDP is a mere 8W. As with other processors in Intel's range, the Atom 330 will be halogen and lead-free.

Current supplies of the single-core Atom are in short supply, with the chipset being a victim of its own success. Demand for the power-sipping CPU has surprised Intel, who have been forced to ramp up production. However manufacturers such as ASUS are predicting product delays until Q3 this year.