ICD Vega and Ultra Android tablets hands-on video

CES 2010 has been quite an event for tablets, and we'll forgive you if your eyes have gone square trying to keep up with all the touchscreens on offer.  One of the names that has cropped up a couple of times – and attached to carriers who'll be distributing the tablets, no less – is ICD, who will be providing Verizon with an LTE tablet, the Ultra, and T-Mobile UK with a desktop tablet, the Vega.  We promised video of both tablets in action, and have updated both of our original hands-on articles with just that.Hands-on video after the cut

Just to make things easier, we've also embedded the videos at the end of this post.  The Ultra is a 7-inch device with a Motorola 4G LTE modem and NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset, while the Vega is a larger, 15-inch model with a 2.5G radio (for voice calls and text messages), WiFi and a family-centric interface.  Both run Google's Android OS.

For our full hands-on report with the Verizon Ultra, check out this post here.  Meanwhile for our report on the T-Mobile Vega, together with a shed-load of live photos, head over here.

T-Mobile Vega Android tablet demo:

[vms e9753913f4d435b53c30]

Verizon Ultra Android tablet demo:

[vms 1a4be65601cc6ddc1520]