Hyundai and Genesis vehicles to feature standard rear-occupant alert technology

In cooperation with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Department of Transportation's (DOT) annual 'Look Before You Lock' pediatric heatstroke prevention campaign, South Korean automaker Hyundai and its Genesis luxury arm will now offer rear-occupant alert technologies as standard in its vehicle lineup.

The Look Before You Lock campaign focuses on addressing a child or pet's sensitivity to heat. According to studies conducted by the NHTSA, a child can die when his/her body temperature reaches 107 degrees, and temperatures inside your car can rise to over 115 degrees, even if the outside temperature is only 70 degrees.

"As we continue to develop safety systems that help protect our customers and make our roads safer, we have turned our attention to the upcoming summer months and the prevention of pediatric heatstroke," said Brian Latouf, chief safety officer at Hyundai Motor North America.

Hyundai's latest rear-occupant alert (ROA) technology comes in two forms. The ROA door-logic system automatically detects if a rear door was opened or closed upon starting the vehicle's engine. After driving, the system will remind the driver to check the back seat by displaying a message on the center cluster.

Hyundai's basic ROA system is now standard on the Palisade, Santa Fe/Santa Fe HEV, Sonata/Sonata HEV, Elantra/Elantra HEV, and the 2022 Tucson crossover. "The creative ROA technologies found in Hyundai products can alert and save precious lives during a momentary lapse in judgment or unawareness on how quickly a vehicles' interior can heat up in summer temperatures," added Latouf.

Meanwhile, Hyundai is also offering an Ultrasonic ROA system with door-logic technology. With the help of an ultrasonic sensor to detect child or pet movements in the rear seats, the system can honk the horn and send an alert to your smartphone via Hyundai's Blue Link. This more advanced ROA system is optional to the Genesis GV80, Genesis G80, and all Hyundai vehicles in the lineup, including the 2022 Tucson and Tucson N-Line.

Remember, kids or pets in hot cars is a fatal combination. The potential consequences are severe injury, death, and possible jail time for offenders. With or without ROA, make it a habit to always check the back seats before leaving and locking your vehicle.