Hulu Plus $9.95 subscription streaming due May 24th?

We've been hearing talk of Hulu paywalls since the start of the year, but according to The LA Times the date we should be circling in our diaries is May 24th.  They've heard – from "people with knowledge of the plans" – that Hulu are planning $9.95 per month access to "Hulu Plus", a service which would offer a more extensive catalog of Glee, Lost and other TV show episodes.

According to the sources, Hulu would continue to offer the five most recent shows free of charge, but users would be able to optionally sign up for back-catalog access.  It's unclear whether Hulu would continue to show adverts during the subscription titles.  Hulu has prompted controversy in recent months by blocking services such as Boxee and Kylo from showing content through their TV-friendly interfaces, a move which many saw as paving the way for paid functionality.