HTC Touch Pro2 FCC filing confirms T-Mobile USA 3G AWS

It's looking all the more likely that the HTC Touch Pro2 will launch in the US on T-Mobile, as FCC documents confirm that it supports the AWS 3G band used by the carrier.  The Pro2 will slot in as the top smartphone in HTC's new range, but going by HTC's leaked roadmap from back in January, T-Mobile won't be the only carrier to get it.  Versions of the Pro2 for Verizon, Sprint and an HTC branded device were all shown, in addition to T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile USA had been tipped as a likely carrier for the smartphone, which replaces the aging HTC Touch Pro, but no official announcement has been made.  The Touch Pro2 was announced back at Mobile World Congress in February, where HTC confirmed it is a dualband 3G/HSDPA handset.  You can see our hands-on and video demo of the phone here.

Much of the capabilities of the new smartphone – certainly when it comes to the PeopleCentric amendments to TouchFLO 3D – are the same as the Touch Diamond2.  However the Pro2 has a bigger, 3.6-inch display and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, in addition to WiFi b/g, GPS and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

[via phoneArena]