HTC site down: promise of "something for YOU" [Updated]

We normally don't get this excited about a website being down unless it's an Apple update day (and yes, we know how sad that is), but HTC have been pushing out some of the most interesting devices of late.  So, when their site says "we're working on something for you and will be back shortly" that starts the ponder-centers of our brains churning as to what, exactly, it could be.Update: The site is back and it's brought a new "YOU" campaign.  More details here.

It's unlikely to be any of HTC's recent range, considering the site was already updated with the new US Windows Phone devices and the HTC HD2, so you'll excuse us if we start wondering about Snapdragon-based Android handsets.  Perhaps unlikely, but with Acer's Liquid taking headlines yesterday we're keen to see whether the rumors of the HTC Dragon pan out

Either way, we'll be hitting refresh so that you don't have to, and if there's anything interesting you know you'll be reading it here first.

[hat tip to Arne Hess]