HTC Dragon to be first Snapdragon WVGA Android smartphone?

Details are scant right now, but according to the early leaks HTC are already working on their first Qualcomm Snapdragon Android smartphone, believed to be called the HTC Dragon.  The Android counterpart to the HTC HD2, the HTC Dragon is said to have an 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen along with the 1GHz processor.

The Dragon is also known by the codename "Zoom 2", and runs the "2.0" firmware along with HTC's Sense UI.  Right now the code – which has been made available for download on the xda-developers forum – is in its early stages, and not especially stable, but it's tipping a very promising device.

Such a device could, in fact, be the Android counterpart to the HD2, and answer many of the complaints users have levelled at recent HTC Android device performance from their mainstay Qualcomm processor.  The screenshots also tip a new HTC webpage – – which currently returns a 404 error.

[via HTCpedia]