HTC launch YOU campaign to remind people they make phones

HTC's site is back, and despite our avid prayers for a Snapdragon-based Android counterpart to the HD2 the change is actually a new marketing campaign.  Branded "YOU", the new interactive site makes suggestions from HTC's range of Windows Mobile and Android devices depending on whether you enjoy tweeting, travel frequently or fit into various other categories.

To be fair, we're glad to see HTC pushing themselves a little more these days.  While the Windows Mobile 6.5 launch was considered something of a flop by the tech (and user) community as a whole, the consensus was that HTC's TouchFLO 3D interface managed to drag the Microsoft platform into usability.  They're also pushing ahead at the forefront of Android devices, with other companies only now starting to catch up.

So, no new shiny devices or Snapdragon-based excitement, at least not for now, but a welcome push to consumers who might ordinarily opt for an iPhone 3GS without even considering the competition.  Let us know what you think of the new HTC YOU site in the comments.