HTC Rap music video out of left field

Chris Burns - Feb 3, 2015, 10:16am CST
HTC Rap music video out of left field

At some point in the past several weeks, someone at HTC gave the green light to MC D-Bruce and rapper Doc-G to create a rap song for their phone brand. There’s a music video for the HTC One brand and an interview between the rapper and the HTC employee as well. This is something you’re going to have to see to believe. Once you see it, you will not be able to un-see it, so see it at your own risk.

The interview is important to watch first. Here you’ll see HTC speak with this rapper at length about why he loves HTC and why he doesn’t want to use other smartphones. He speaks about how the HTC One M8 is made of metal while the competition (namely Samsung) is made of plastic, and how if you “heat things up”, “a whole lot of people’s cellphones are gonna be in trouble.”

It’s difficult to understand who HTC expected the audience would be for this video and/or campaign to sell smartphones.

It’s almost like riding the line between unwittingly absurd and actually absurd is a methodology now. You’ll also see it with Jeff Bridges and his “Sleeping Tapes” album – also out now.

Below you’ll see the HTC rap song “Hold the Crown”. Notice how the music video is absurd, but the song seems to be half way unaware of itself.

It might be better for your afternoon if you skip the above video and just look at HTC Lollipops and leaks instead.

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