HTC One Sense 6.0 arrives this weekend

Chris Burns - May 17, 2014, 10:42am CDT
HTC One Sense 6.0 arrives this weekend

Over the weekend several HTC One units from the previous generation have been updated to Sense 6.0. This means that they’ll have the same – or rather similar – software to that of the HTC One (M8). This update does not include (of course) some of the camera features included with the HTC One (M8) as this device (the M7) does not have the same hardware as its replacement.

Instead you’ll find Sense 6.0 to replicate closely what’s delivered with the HTC One (M8) mini (better known as the “HTC One mini 2.”) This device is effectively the same as the HTC One (M7) save a few key differences – size, for example.

Have a peek at our HTC One mini 2 hands-on now, and prepare for our full review sooner than later. Until then, you’ll also want to dive in to our HTC One (M7) review and compare to our HTC One (M8) review. As it were, we’ve given them very similar ratings, as HTC has continue to lead the pack for these two years running.

Thus far the Sprint HTC One max, Unlocked HTC One (M7), and Developer Edition of the HTC One (M7) have been upgraded to Sense 6.0, and we’re expecting more to follow within days.

The only device still on the “Integration” phase is the AT&T HTC One mini, while all other models in the running are on Certification. This near-final phase “Certification” is the last before the upgrade is complete.

VIA: HTC One Updates

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