HTC One family update to Sense 6.0 - what's that mean?

This month the HTC One family will be upgraded to HTC's own Sense 6.0. This is a software suite that will upgrade what you see and how you interact with your smartphone on a day-to-day basis. Unless you're working with an HTC One (M8) or a hacked, ROM'ed device today, you'll likely still be on a version of Sense that's pre-6.0.

Sense 6.0 upgrades the HTC One (M7), HTC One Developer Edition, HTC One Max, and HTC One Mini to the newest HTC software experience. This experience will be – mostly – the same as the newest HTC One – also known as the HTC One (M8).

Once the HTC One (M7) – also known as 2013's HTC One – is upgraded to Sense 6.0, little will differentiate the old and the new model for the average smartphone user. We went so far as to release an investigatory article by the name of Why buy HTC One M8 when M7 updates to similar software just last month.

Those of you sticking with the HTC One (M7), the HTC One Max, or the HTC One Mini will find that your experience will become all the more rewarding. Sense 6.0 takes away nothing from the HTC software experience, in fact only adding features to the fold.

Above you'll see a video explaining some of the finer points of Sense 6.0 on an HTC One (M8). Your experience will be very, very similar.

As of this week, HTC's software update listings show only the AT&T HTC One mini and the T-Mobile HTC One (M7) to be lagging behind in the Sense 6.0 push.

All other devices are either in certification phase – the second-to-last phase, or are fully complete. The final phase before completion is "Push to consumer," which we must assume is coming for most models within weeks – or even days.