HTC Mazaa is 12-megapixel WP7.1 Mango handset? [Video] [Update: Probably not]

Remember that 12-megapixel HTC Windows Phone we told you about earlier? It's looking increasingly possible that it could be the HTC Mazaa, which leaked back in April, a so-far unannounced CDMA/GSM World Phone. Eldar Murtazin has shared a lengthy Windows Phone 7.1 Mango preview video (which you can see after the cut) as part of his hands-on with the device, confirming that he had a Mazaa on hand.

That would suggest that the Trophy-alike in the video is, in fact, the Mazaa; outwardly pretty much identical, but packing a far improved camera inside. The Trophy launched with a 5-megapixel unit, but according to the camera app in Mango the Mazaa boost that to 12-megapixels and throws in RAW support.

As for Mango itself, that gets a tentative thumbs-up though is still deemed to lag behind what other platforms like Android and iOS offer. Multitasking is one of the most welcome changes over WP7 as it stands currently, though the new IE9 also scores some kudos.

Update: Looks like we wished too soon. Murtazin says the Mazaa doesn't support 12-megapixels, and that the Windows Phone device he's talking about is a different one.