HTC Makes Its Case For "Bring Your Own Device" Business Clients

Despite coming in second overall in total smartphone sales, iOS is crushing Android in the business world. HTC doesn't intend to let the status quo stand, and has created a new marketing website advocating its Android smartphones for "bring your own device" (BYOD) use for corporate clients. HTCpro outlines the features on the manufacturer's phone, with a particular eye towards security and business solutions.

The BYOD market is booming, with no small thanks going towards modern smartphones' incredible capabilities. Where once businesses bought Blackberry phones by the thousands, now everyone from a route delivery driver to the CEO has his or her own personal Android or iOS phone. (There's still a few stragglers on older platforms, but they're dwindling rapidly.) This presents opportunities for businesses who don't need to provide expensive hardware anymore, and security and confidentiality problems centered around the intensely personal way that people use mobile devices.

The HTCpro marketing initiative makes HTC's case not just for the bring your own device movement, but or HTC's individual phones as well. Its One X flagship is the centerpiece, and the company claims that its customized Sense interface can be leveraged for custom applications. HTC highlights security, device administration, and enterprise-level messaging tools as leverage, with essential partners like IBM, Cisco, 3LM, Wyse and AirWatch. The company has a display at CTIA in New Orleans this week to show off its new initiative.