HTC DG H100 Media Link up for £90 UK pre-order

Chris Davies - Nov 11, 2010
HTC DG H100 Media Link up for £90 UK pre-order

Having been spotted flirting with the FCC earlier today, the HTC DG H100 Media Link streamer has been confirmed by retailer Clove. Priced at £89.99 ($145), the HTC Media Link hooks up to your TV via the bundled HDMI cable and allows you to stream content via DLNA over WiFi.

Once hooked up, it’s possible to transfer media from your PC or smartphone to the TV, view media from your PC on your device, or even use your device as a controller for the media streaming from the PC to the TV. Some of that functionality will require an HTC device, however, but we’re guessing the more generic DLNA abilities will work cross-platform.

Official availability for the HTC DG H100 Media Link is unknown at this stage, though HTC has previously confirmed that it’s due sometime this quarter. However, retailer HTCDirect is claiming UK stock will arrive on December 10 2010.

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