HTC Media Link DH H100 Hits FCC

HTC whipped out the interesting Media Link device at its unveiling back in September and we were intrigued by the little gadget. The official mouthful of a name for the device is the HTC Media Link Wireless DNLA streaming adapter and it's a little box that will work with a couple HTC smartphones for streaming media to your TV when that set is missing DLNA support.

The little box has a mini HDMI port and a microUSB port on the back. Engadget has spied the device making its way through the FCC on the way to its official launch in Q4 2010. We still think that the miniUSB port the thing has is not for connecting the smartphones to the box but for powering the Media Link device.

The phone connects to the Media Link device and acts as the remote control for managing the stuff on your big screen. As the thing made its way through the FCC, it was testing for its 802.11n connectivity in 2.4GHz and 5GHz modes.