HTC aims for Ice Cream Sandwich with high expectations

As many HTC devices as possible is what HTC is saying they're going to try to update to Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming weeks – or at least that's what they've got in mind. This week has been both the formal introduction to Ice Cream Sandwich as a final build and a showing of the hero device for this version of Android, and now HTC wants in on the party with an announcement on their plans for the immediate future. Through their Facebook page they let the world know the basics about upgrading a device to a new version of Android as well as what they basically have in mind for how they're going to do it and how many devices they're going to do it to.

HTC spoke in generalities for the most part today saying that they are "looking closely" at the new operating system's features and functionality so that they might further determine their plans for upgrading all of their devices. They note that they are an "industry leader in providing fast and consistent upgrades" to their Android devices and that this version, Android 4.0, will be no different. Can we trust that every single HTC device will be upgraded? That might be a different story.

Ice Cream Sandwich hands-on demo

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Though Ice Cream Sandwich will have no new hardware requirements as Google says, it's important to note that this means "no more than Gingerbread has", as it were. Thusly we can understand when HTC says that "upgrades require a careful balance of hardware and software to ensure the best possible performance and usability, so please stay tuned as we assess our product portfolio." HTC is sure to provide updates for SOME of their devices, but a betting person better bet on recent devices for the most part, with devices from several years ago more than likely getting the ax. HTC noted:

Our goal is to upgrade as many HTC devices as possible and we'll be sharing details on specific devices and timing in the coming weeks!

Will your device be allowed to advance to the next square? We shall see!