HP TouchPad's $100 Discount Gets Permanent

The HP TouchPad has been getting all sorts of discounts lately, which must have surely aggravated its earliest adopters that paid full price. Just two weeks after launch, the TouchPad already had $10 sliced off by Amazon and Best Buy followed by another $50 discount from HP and then a promotion for August 5-7 that offered a $100 discount. That last one, however, HP confirms is here to stay.

HP's senior vice president and general manager, Stephen DiFranco, has just confirmed that the $100 instant-savings promotion is now permanent. It applies to all models of the HP TouchPad, with the 16GB model now dropping to $399.99, the 32GB model now at $499.99. This seems to be the price point the TouchPad should have started out at instead attempting to butt heads with the market leading iPad 2.

The HP TouchPad is the first from HP and the first to offer consumers a tablet that's non-Apple and non-Android, with its webOS platform. It had just recently gotten a major OTA firmware update to version 3.0.2, which boosts performance and reliability adds some more streamlined features. Make sure to check our full review the HP TouchPad to see if its worth your money, even if $100 less.

[via HP]