HP TouchPad To Get One Last Production Run

HP has just confirmed that its recently axed TouchPad tablet is getting one last production run. The company announced that it was discontinuing all webOS hardware as it contemplates the platform's future, which led to a $99 fire sale that sparked new demand, so much so that the tablet is now out-of-stock at most retailers.

There have been rumors that HP may continue production of the HP TouchPad with one of HP's execs saying that the company could resurrect the tablet, but now the company has finally confirmed via a blog post that it will indeed be producing one more batch. However, this last production run will be of limited quantity and will not be available for at least a few weeks.

Demand for the HP TouchPad didn't spike until the drastic fire sales that were essentially giving away the tablet at $99 each. Previous more modest price cuts did little to spawn interest. It would seem that if HP wants to move this new batch, it would have to be pricing it below cost as well. But the company has not confirm pricing yet.

It's also likely that the production will be to appease suppliers who are now left with excess TouchPad components. Reports earlier today said that HP suppliers are now stuck with components for as much as 100,000 units of the 7-inch HP TouchPad Go, which never made it to market.

[via HP]