HP Offers Quickoffice Update Allowing Editing Of Documents And More

We had some issues with the HP TouchPad back when it first landed and we reviewed the tablet. I had always thought that the chances of a third OS making it in the tablet market were slim. Most tablet shoppers go for the iPad and the ones that don't go iPad were looking for Android tablets. WebOS just never had a chance I think.

I was correct in my thoughts as evidenced by the fact that HP killed the TouchPad and then slashed prices to move the tablet inventory it had on hand. If you are the owner of a TouchPad and were feeling bad for buying what was shaping up to look like a tablet you spent hundreds of dollars on what would soon be a paperweight with no updates or new software, at least for now that isn't the case.

At launch, TouchPad came with Quickoffice that allowed you to read documents created by the Microsoft Office software. There were a lot of people that were really hoping for an update that would allow the TouchPad to edit documents as well. Yesterday that update arrived. Quickoffice HD added the ability to edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Now you can edit and start new documents right from your Touchpad. I wonder if this will be the last update for the software.