HP Chromebook 11 charger appears in Google Play store

Will Conley - Dec 8, 2013, 6:42pm CST
HP Chromebook 11 charger appears in Google Play store

The HP Chromebook 11 that was officially announced in October but suddenly pulled from shelves in November has begun slipping back into our field of vision. A replacement charger for its overheating-prone battery charger has appeared in the Google Play store. This could signal an imminent return of the machine as a whole.

The charger is listed for $19.99 but with a “Coming Soon” caveat. The product description reads “Keep your HP Chromebook 11 topped up with an extra charger.” Or one functioning charger, as the case may be.

The 11″ Chrome OS machine was pulled from Best Buy store shelves following widespread reports of the included chargers overheating and ceasing functionality after a few charges. It also disappeared from the HP and Google Play store websites. HP said it would return when a solution to the charger fiasco was found.

It appears that a solution has been found, and the companies involved are currently working up a distribution plan. There’s been no announcement yet as to when the charger will become available (or when the computer itself will be returned to retail stores — but it could be soon, if its replacement charger’s appearance is any indication.)

Those who have been affected by the original charger will be able to get a free replacement. In the meantime, the HP Chromebook 11 was designed to be able to use a microUSB charger. If you own an HP Chromebook 11 and the included charger doesn’t work, you can use a standard smartphone charger to do the job.

SOURCE: Google Play
VIA: Android Community

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