Harley-Davidson's LiveWire ONE electric motorcycle is a cheaper e-hog

Harley-Davidson's LiveWire brand of electric motorcycles is gaining a new, more affordable model, with the LiveWire ONE hoping to bring some new riders onboard. Iterating off the original LiveWire, though significantly trimming its price tag, the LiveWire ONE will be star of the show at the newly-standalone electric bike dealerships.

The original Harley-Davidson LiveWire was certainly a long time coming. Previewed back in 2014, finalized in 2018, and then priced up in 2019, its $29,799 sticker put it out of reach of all but the most eager EV adopters.

Harley-Davidson promised more affordable models were in the pipeline, as part of its LiveWire spin-out earlier this year. The standalone electric motorcycle brand would be able to target the younger demographic of riders that have proved resilient to Harley's traditional charms, the company suggested. It would also act as a tech incubator, developing new EV drivetrains that could be used in future Harley models.

In the case of the new LiveWire ONE, it'll start at $21,999; federal tax incentives can bring that to under $20k, the company says. Your money gets you 105 horsepower and 86 lb-ft of torque, and of course that torque arrives from the get-go. 0-60 mph should take 3.0 seconds, LiveWire says, and 60-80mph in 1.9 seconds. Top speed is 110 mph.

As for range, LiveWire says it should do 146 miles of city riding or 70 miles of freeway riding. DC fast charging support will take the battery from flat to 100-percent in an hour. If you've only got a regular 110V outlet, a full charge takes around 11 hours.

There's no shortage of tech, as you'd expect. That includes both Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (C-ABS) and Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS), both of which take into account how you're leaning on the motorcycle. LiveWire has included a 6-axis sensor to track that.

There's also Drag-Torque Slip Control (DSCS) which helps with traction, particularly at low speeds in wet or slippery conditions. Four ride modes – Sport, Road, Range, and Rain – adjust the various settings accordingly, and there's a custom mode setting in which factors like available power, throttle, and regenerative braking can be tweaked. Traction control can also be adjusted across three levels.

It's built around a new cast aluminum frame with a 58.7-inch wheelbase and a 54-percent front weight bias. There's a SHOWA SFF-BP fork and BFRC rear shock, both adjustable.

On the connectivity side, there's both Bluetooth and LTE embedded radios, for streaming music and navigation to the 4.3-inch touchscreen. It also powers LiveWire's app, which shows LiveWire ONE location, any alerts, and recharge status.

The big question, of course, is whether this new price is sufficiently low to convince riders that electrification is a legitimate option. Although cheaper than the original LiveWire, the LiveWire ONE still carriers a premium compared to other e-motorcycles, and the appeal of the Harley-Davidson brand among younger potential owners remains uncertain. Preorders are opening now, with sales initially in the US. An international launch will follow in 2022.