GSM HTC Hero update released [Updated]

Chris Davies - Jan 8, 2010

A new ROM update for the HTC Hero has gone live on the company’s UK support site, but right now it’s not entirely clear what the new firmware addresses.  Version 2.73.771.73 (H3G) was released today and is apparently a “generic software update” free of any carrier modifications; however we’ve tried to download the package using the serial number from a regular, unlocked GSM Hero only to be told that it’s unsuitable for our device.

There’s some discussion that the H3G reference is to carrier 3 UK’s version of the Android smartphone, and indeed the version number of this new ROM is very similar to the previous so-called generic update for unlocked Heroes, released all the way back in September 2009.  It could be that the software merely addresses the same speed and stability which that first incremental update tweaked.  Disappointing, given HTC’s promise to deliver Android 2.x for the Hero at some point in 2010.  We’re checking in with HTC about it, but given it’s outside of office hours in the UK we may have to wait until next week to hear conclusively.

Update: HTC’s PR team have told us that yes, this is simply an update for Hero handsets bought from 3 UK.  Still no significant Android version upgrade, sadly.

[via Android Community]

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