Google tipped to acquire Songza for music curation

In the wake of Apple's purchase of Beats by Dre, Google has been tipped to be in talks to acquire the music streaming service Songza. While Google already has a streaming music service in its Google Play Music library and delivery system, the company may be looking for a way to compete with Apple's oncoming integration of Beats Music curation into their music delivery system(s). Songza may be the answer Google needs.

Songza has an app for iOS and Android that acts very similar to the Beats Music app. You select what kinds of music you're into, and the app creates playlists for you. Below you'll get a demonstration of what Songza is like, while a trip to our Beats Music Review should allow you to see the similarities (and lack of differences) between the two ecosystems.

Word from sources speaking with the NY Post suggest that Google is offering Songza far less than Apple dished out for Beats. An offer of $15 million USD has been offered for Songza, it's said, while Beats was acquired for $3 billion USD. Songza also saw a $4.7 million USD (or $3.82 million) investment round from Amazon and Scooter Braun in September of 2013.