Google "Smart TV" launch at IO confirmed by press site

Google's "Smart TV" platform is expected to make its debut in a few hours, when the US west coast wakes up for the second day of Google IO, and now that debut looks all the more likely with a premature mention of the technology on the IO press page.  TechCrunch did some rudimentary URL fiddling and found a page-holder saying "Insert Android press release/TV press release", pretty much confirming that there'll be an announcement about what's believed to be a system of internet-connected set-top boxes running Android.

According to earlier rumors, Google have been working with Sony and Samsung on a way to better deliver online, streaming content to HDTVs.  Exact details of the system are unknown, but there has been talk of an intermediary set-top box that would daisy-chain between the TV and a cable or satellite STB.  That would perhaps placate some of the established content providers, yet still give Google a foot in the home entertainment door.  SlashGear is at Google IO and will be bringing you all the news on "Smart TV" as it's announced.