Google Slides now works with video calls

This morning Google updated their "Google Slides" functionality for mobile and desktop devices to work on video calls. This system recently added functionality for Chromecast and Apple's Airplay, now they're bringing the slides presentation system to the remote viewing world. Users on Android smartphones or tablets will see a "video call" option when they tap the "Present" button in Google Slides starting this week.

This update comes the same day Microsoft updates their software Microsoft Sway to work with Windows 10. This appears to be part of the ongoing battle between Google and Microsoft over which company has the best technology for businesses and students here in the year 2015.

Once the present button is tapped, the option to present to a video call will appear. This system works with Google Hangouts video calls, so both parties will need a Google account to access. The presenter will need an Android smart device – tablet or smartphone – to present.

Immediately before the presentation has started, the presenter will get a view of who is on the call. Once the presentation starts, the presenter uses their mobile device to advance slides and view speaker notes. There's also a built-in timer to keep track of how long the presentation is going.

This update to Google Slides will be released starting this morning for Android devices.