Forget dull PowerPoints, Microsoft Sway graduates to Windows 10

Microsoft's Sway, its post-PowerPoint vision for presentations that viewers don't dread, has graduated preview status and is now available for anybody to try. Launched back in October 2014, Sway automatically massages images, text, videos, and other media into a more palatable format, complete with transitions and automatic resizing to suit devices from smartphones through to big displays. Meanwhile, Sway also gets its Windows 10 app today, too.

So far, Sway has been available through a web-based interface, but this new Windows 10 version means it can be used offline. Designed for PCs and tablets, the free app supports creating new Sways as well as editing existing ones, and can for the most part present offline as long as you're not using interactive maps or streaming videos.

The Sway Windows 10 app will also support multiple accounts, useful if you're using the software both at work and at home.

Other changes include more control over transitions, with the option to go for a more regimented presentation style and adjust when various groups of content appear and disappear on the screen.

Microsoft has also relaunched as a sharing space for Sway presentations and other content. Sway gets a one-touch sharing button, but Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office Mix files are also supported in the cloud, along with PDFs and URLs.

Visitors to public pages can leave comments, and there are view-logs so you can see how popular your content has been.

Sway online is available for those with an Office 365 plan (including Office Online, Office 365 Business, or Office 365 ProPlus), while Sway for Windows 10 is rolling out in the Windows Store from today.

SOURCE Microsoft Sway