Google Pixel 2 will be 'just Android' - and that's good

On the 4th of October, the 2nd Google Pixel phone will be revealed. It will certainly be a phone, and certainly it'll run Android. The vast majority of those people the Pixel 2 will be available to won't know or care for much beyond that. But for everyone reading this article, there's another layer of depth to the Pixel that many people won't appreciate.

If Google were attempting to sell the most smartphones, full stop, they'd end the open sourcing of Android. They'd keep some features for themselves, and they'd make sure their devices were different from the rest with software that was unique. But that's not what Google wants to do.

I read an article today by David Ruddock today at Android Police which said that Google probably wont do anything with the Google Pixel 2 that'll "make its phones more appealing to ordinary consumers". The article also mentions an array of reasons why the Google Pixel is a great smartphone and seems to be one of the best choices for people like you and I.

People who take the time to investigate what their smartphones are made of – they appreciate what Google is doing with Pixel. I can't imagine going back to another device for several sizable reasons. The first is the ability to upload Original Quality media to Google Photos forever.

I use this smartphone to take photos for everything because I get to upload those photos to Google Photos for free, forever. I'm not sure that's as forgettable an advantage as David suggests. I also know I'm almost always taking a photo I can use because Google's Pixel camera finesse is second to none. That reign might last only until the iPhone X gets reviewed this Fall, but still – for now Pixel still rules.

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The Google Pixel has the company's latest in Android features – but not everybody cares about this. The vast majority of smartphone users don't care a significant amount about new software – especially not when it's free. But I appreciate it, and you, the reader, quite likely appreciate having what's newest and best on your smartphone.

People that care about the fine details in a phone are key to generating hype. Tech publications and their readers are the ones that recommend smartphones to smartphone buyers. Google knows this – and they know that not every user will appreciate the work they've done on a feature like screen latency.

To me, the Google Pixel represents a smartphone I've been waiting for since I first started writing about and reviewing mobile devices. This is a device I can recommend to anybody, without reservations about their competency with a smartphone.

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5 months later

Up until the first Google Pixel was introduced, I always, always defaulted to the iPhone for smartphone recommendations. This was because there was no Android device I trusted enough to remain competent, updated, and responsive well beyond its sale date. Now that we're nearing a full year since the Pixel was first introduced, I can confidently say that the Pixel remains my top recommendation in the industry.

When was the last time you could genuinely say that about an Android phone?

Stick around as we head to Google's big event on the 4th of October, 2017. We'll be bringing you all the details from the Pixel event, and we'll have all sorts of hands-on action and a review when the time is right!