Google Maps iOS app rumored to arrive by the end of the year

Yesterday, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that the company has yet to start work on a Google Maps app for iOS. It certainly bummed a lot of iPhone and iPad users out since it would now be a while before they could be saved from the Apple Maps fiasco. However, the New York Times is reporting that Google is indeed currently working on a Maps app for iOS after all.

As you may already know, Apple ditched Google Maps in favor of their own solution in iOS 6. However, Apple's new maps app isn't exactly a home run. The accuracy isn't all that great, and public transit information and directions aren't supported. This has resulted in a majority of iOS users begging for Google to save the day.

However, when Schmidt was asked about bringing a Google Maps app to iOS, he said that it wasn't currently being worked on. Then again, according to sources close to the New York Times, that's not true at all, as we should be seeing a Google Maps app for both the iPhone and the iPad appear by the end of the year.

It's too bad Google wasn't as quick to the punch as they were with their new YouTube app. After Apple also pulled their built-in YouTube app from iOS 6, Google was surprisingly quick to deliver their own YouTube app for iOS users to download and enjoy. Hopefully Google is working hard to deliver its Maps to iOS users as we speak.

[via Ars Technica]