Google launches Play Store Movies in Mexico and India

Google has been rolling out quite a few updates and improvements to the Play Store recently, preparing to make gift cards available in Canada and having launched Google Play Books in Mexico back on March 20th. Now Mexico is seeing another update, this time getting access to Google Play Movies. Android users in India will also be seeing Play Store Movies rolling out.

The announcement was made on the Google Play Store's Google+ account, where it simply stated that users in Mexico and India can now buy and rent films via Movies in both countries. Users in Mexico have seen quite the content expansion this month, adding movies and TV shows on top of the book catalog they were given access to a little over a week ago, with both local titles and international bestsellers being offered.

Of course, while the expansion is a good thing, it does serve to remind many Android users that they still don't have access to the content a lot of us enjoy, a source of frustration that many are happily sharing on Google Play's G+ account. With the changes we're seeing this month for select international users, however, it is reasonable to assume more content will become available to users in neglected countries as the year presses on.

Speaking of Play Store Movies, earlier today Google added actor info cards to the service, which presently only works on tablets running at least Ice Cream Sandwich. After pausing the movie or TV show, an actor's face can be tapped to pull up an info card that contains relevant information, such as fun facts and personal details (age, place of birth, etc).

[via Google+]