Google Play Gift Cards May Be Available In Canada Soon

Whether to give as a gift for the Android fan on your shopping list or to offer as a show of fondness for the geek in your life, Google Play gift cards are a straight-forward way to fund your friends' and family's app library – if they're located in the US or UK, that is. These gift cards have been notoriously unavailable in most locations, but that will be changing for Canadians soon.

The gift cards only recently became available in the United Kingdom, previously only being available to Android users in the United States. Canada will soon be added to the list of locations where the cards can be purchased and used, however, according to some signs Canadian users are seeing.

It started off with some tips that users in Canada were starting to see an option for redeeming the Google gift cards in the Play Store. Those tips were further validated when Blank's Universe, a Canadian website, confirmed that it sees an option for redeeming gift cards, posting a couple screenshots as proof.

This means the back-end service to redeem the cards is being rolled out, though there are currently no retailers in the country offering the gift cards. Google hasn't made any official announcements about the expansion, but the company will probably have something to say on the matter in the near future – possibly in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on whether the gift cards become available in your here.

[via Android Community]