Google Glass now under Tony Fadell, exits Google X

The Google Glass Explorer Program has officially been tapped by Google to shut down. That doesn't mean that there won't be any more Google Glass – in fact the opposite, more than likely – it's just part of the transition process. When a group exits inside Google X, Google's experimentation lab, it generally has more of a "not quite ready for the real world" vibe to it – now Google Glass is being brought into that real world. The real working world – not necessarily as a consumer product.

Being brought into the real world doesn't mean Google Glass will be a consumer product. Google suggested today that they'd be continuing their Glass At Work program but have given no schedule for the future of Google Glass in any other respect.

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Where do I buy glass in the future?

You can't really – not unless Google re-opens their doors to the public with future versions of Glass. Google suggested today that they would continue to work with Glass, but again, Google suggests that they're taking Glass to new places as the program exits Google X.

UPDATE: Apparently (for the time being) you can still purchase Google Glass from the Google Play device store online. We do not know how long this will last, but given Google's current "leaves warehouse" timing of 1-2 business days, it would appear Google has some heavy stock left for now.

UPDATE 2: Google suggests that from next week, they'll stop taking product orders for Glass. Google will continue to support "companies that are using Glass" – those in the Glass at Work program, that is to say.

Who is in charge of Glass now?

Google Glass, the Glass program, and the Glass team will remain under current manager Ivy Ross, but will be moved to the jurisdiction of Tony Fadell. Fadell is also the chief executive in charge of Nest. Google's acquisition of Nest was completed as of February 12th, 2014.

Stick around as we continue to gather details about the future of Glass – specifically on how it will or will not be delivered to the public as a consumer product. For now, count on the device and the program to remain "at work."