Google Glass MyGlass iPhone App Appears [Update: Pulled]

Today Google has successfully pushed the MyGlass app for Google Glass to the iTunes App Store. This app allows full functionality to be activated for the wearable headset on an iPhone where only browser-based controls were available before. This release ushers in the first full software support suite for Apple's devices, starting with the iPhone – this app is not yet optimized for the iPad, but it certainly will work.

The "MyGlass for iOS" app works with all versions of the Google Glass headset and brings a variety of abilities for iOS users. This app appears first with software version XE 12.0.0 and starts the party off right with Google Maps connectivity to Google Glass. If you're carrying around your iPhone and you're not within range of Glass, the app shows you where Glass was last seen on a Google Maps map.

Glassware apps like Gmail, Google Search, and Google+ are all ready to be activated through the MyGlass interface. This app appears to be rolling out with the same set of functions and abilities that the current Android MyGlass app has, top to bottom.

This also includes the ability to mirror your Google Glass interface on the iPhone itself, allowing a friend to see what you're seeing while you see it. This app is completely free, but will not do much of anything without the Google Glass headset itself. Have a peek right this minute and tell us if you find anything odd!

Update: Looks like Apple or Google has pulled the app shortly after releasing it; it's no longer listed in the App Store. It's possible that it requires Glass XE12 in order to work.

Update 2: Google has released XE12 for Glass and confirmed that the iOS MyGlass app will be released sometime this week. The release in the App Store today was a mistake, Google says, describing it as having "spilled the beans" too soon.