Google Chrome's +1 Extension : Clear as Day

If you were here yesterday at about this time, you saw an article that yours truly had written about how Google Chrome was being promoted via an inspiring project that took a foothold and grew using the fantastic power of the internet and its quick and easy sharing abilities. Today it appears that the newest video in this series has let loose a Google Chrome extension that adds to the repertoire of a perhaps soon to be explosive Google project that works with their search results (and much more, we must assume,) it being called simply: +1. Did they mean to leak this image, or was it just a tiny mistake?

Google, you know what time it is. You knew exactly what'd happen if you let loose even a momentary image of a new extension with such potential. Have a look at the video below so you can see where the above image originates. See if you can decide how important they're making it right this minute. Then we'll discuss how the video from yesterday does essentially the same thing.

Before we continue, check out what babies are saying about +1 so you fully understand what's going on with it. What this extension is bound to do, I say with a dash of insight, is help Google get a new view of how readers work with webpages. I almost said "help Google rate pages for better search ratings," but I don't necessarily believe that. Not that I'm a search engine guru master, (that's Ewdi,) but a +1 extension like this, if I may be so bold, may throw a massive wrench into the gears that are the current system of webpage rankings. For better or for worse.

Next have a look at the ad we had a conversation about yesterday:

There you'll notice more pressing of buttons, hitting of extensions and sharing of information. The button they use, the green one, is an extension that shares the page you're on with a number of different destinations of your choice. You can get that Google Chrome extension here: Google Share Button. This already active share button along with the +1 button have massive potential, wouldn't you say?

No matter how you look at it, Google I/O is next week, and all questions will almost certainly be answered with masses of answers on top of answers.

[via TechCrunch]