Google +1: So Simple These Babies Get It

These babies know more about internet than you ever will. Listen, er, read the subtitles of their wise words and learn about the glory that is +1. It's just that simple. You have to listen to them because they're babies on the internet. They do a better job of explaining and entertaining than a posse of a million. Enjoy.

The babies are talking about Google +1, a new thing from Google that's been heralded as the best thing since apps. I don't know if it's any good yet, because they haven't even released the thing into the wild yet. Considering the date, it might be the biggest prank ever to receive a chorus of LOL. I hope it's true because it would be cool of them to jack Zuckerberg's Like It.

You should just be finishing up with the babies right about now. Do you see what we're talking about here? This is Google's opening shots in the Button Wars of 2011. Check out our coverage you might have missed from earlier today.

[via Kara @ All Things Digital]