Google Begins Highlighting Content Creators in Search Results

Starting this week, Google will begin highlighting search results which turn up Content Creators. What this means is that Google, in their never-ending search for great content across the web, will start highlighting posts which have clear connections to authors who have signed up with Google. What THIS means is that if you've got a Google profile, one you can sign up for at Google that is, the same one that you'll later be using for your Google+ account, the content that you author, that being blog posts and etc, will be specially highlighted in search results. Sounds like Google's loving up on people like me and you!

What will be happening, and what IS happening already with a select few in a beta pilot program (sound familiar?) will be that search results showing posts that you've found on a subject that's, for example, Android, and I've written the post, you'll see my lovely profile picture and a link to my Google profile to the right of the result (as seen above.) What this means is that while Google certainly does value good content and good content providers like the sites we write for (SlashGear and Android Community for me!), they're pushing authors of this content to the front for several reasons.

First, this will encourage authors to further their good content creation as it's both the site they work for they're representing as well as themselves.

Second, this will cut down on crappy spam content and/or word-for-word copied content as the author will only appear aside the real deal original post.

Third, this connects us all in even tighter with the Google environment, Google+ included and not limited to Gmail and the like as well.

This will expand as Google works with authors to attach them to all the content they've authored, an auto-list of links populating author's profiles in the near future. All of this, Google says, will certainly improve your search experience as creators of content become more and more liable for the content they put out into the world. Exciting!

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[via Google Inside Search]