Gigabyte and SOYO AMD Zacate mainboards leak

Chris Davies - Dec 15, 2010, 8:29 am CST
Gigabyte and SOYO AMD Zacate mainboards leak

Motherboards from two manufacturers using AMD’s Zacate Fusion APU have leaked, headed to low-cost desktop PC systems in 2011. Gigabyte’s GA-E350V-USB3 mainboard showed up at X-bit labs, while the SOYO brand has seemingly been revived for an unnamed Zacate ‘board spotted at Expreview. Both use the 1.6GHz dual-core AMD E350 CPU.

Of the two it’s the Gigabyte which seems more advanced. It allows for memory overclocking – from 1333MHz to 1800MHz – along with USB 3.0 support, multi-channel audio, VGA and DVI-I ports, and SATA connections for up to four drives; it also has a PCI Express x16 slot. The SOYO lacks the USB 3.0 support, but has six SATA ports, four USB 2.0 and HDMI/DVI/VGA outputs, along with PCI Express x16, PCI Express x1 and PCI slots

As for the E350 Zacate chip itself, that incorporates the dual 1.6GHz Bobcat cores along with a Radeon HD 6310 GPU with 80 stream processors. It also gets a UVD 3.0 engine and has an 18W TDP.

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