AMD details new Bobcat and Bulldozer core designs highlights

AMD has been doing better of late in the computer market with its chips starting to show up in more brands and its line of GPUs doing better in the market. The chip firm has announced details of two of its upcoming core designs dubbed Bobcat and Bulldozer.

Highlights of the new cores were detailed today. Bulldozer will offer a new and innovative approach to multithreaded compute performance with a balance of dedicated and shared resources. The design also has a high core count that is scalable. Bulldozer will also offer new x86 instruction support for SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, and XOP including 4-operand FMAC. Other features include 32nm process technology and advanced power management features.

Bobcat will offer less than one-watt capable operation and out-of-order instruction execution for higher performance. AMD estimates that Bobcat will be able to provide 90% of today's mainstream computing performance with about half the area. The core in Bobcat will be optimized for low power operation.