Gen 3 Pokemon GO reveal near-impossible Shiny trick

A new method for finding Shiny Pokemon was revealed this week in Pokemon GO during the Pokemon GO Gen 3 Halloween event. Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go are amongst the rarest monsters in the game – and now with Gen 3 on its way, the odds are getting smaller for each shiny on each individual appearance on the few Pokemon that have shiny editions. Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Magikarp (and their subsequent evolutions) can appear in the game right this minute – but they're super duper rare.

The method for this Shiny-finding adventure was discovered a month ago – but for a completely different purpose. It's part of a glitch found in the game during Raid Battles. This system is extremely time-intensive and – for most people – not worth the effort! Keep that in mind whilst racking your brain over this madness.

NOTE – This method only seems to be active for the one Shiny-capable Pokemon in Raids at the moment – that's Magikarp. Each of the Pokemon that were introduced to the game for the first time this weekend (during this Halloween event) were given Shiny Editions right off the bat. It is not yet known whether these Shiny versions are active in the game – but they're not in Raids anyway right now so it's moot!

The method comes from Pokemon GO players on Silph Road on Reddit – users DH025 and painfulplumber. The following comes from Silph Road from Reddit a month ago – but was discovered this week to apply to SHINY Pokemon too!

1. Begin a Raid with 10 people.

2. Get the boss to near death.

3. Have 9 people close the app. DO NOT LEAVE THE GROUP!

4. Have the remaining trainer finish the battle, go to the catch screen, and crash the catch screen.

5. Upon reloading the remaining trainer will see the "privileged number" (CP of Pokemon).

6. If the privileged number is GOOD (perfect, or near-perfect), then everyone who closed the app can immediately click the gym. 7. They each have a 1/9 chance of having the good CP. This is DRASTICALLY better odds than a random roll.

8. If the privileged number is BAD, then everyone who closed the app can wait at least 10 minutes, before running the raid (and the whole process) again.

To apply this to Shiny Pokemon, there's really only one Pokemon that can be used during a normal day – that's Magikarp. Otherwise Pikachu has been known to pop up during some special events – but we're not yet certain if that means he's possibly Shiny-capable.

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Also of note – there's no 100% verified way of knowing that this will work with future Pokemon. Chances are Niantic will find a way to nix the workings of this glitch before too long – and it's unlikely a Magikarp will be rolled in the short time between now and then. Technically it COULD happen, but the chances are... not super great!

Meanwhile the chances are super good of using this method to get better stats on the Pokemon in the Raid at hand. Just so long as that first "privileged number" is good, of course. Cross your fingers and get ready to use a significant amount of time!