Galaxy S9 software sent to Samsung phones in beta form

Samsung said today that their next big software beta release will be build on Android Oreo UI and UX and will be on their next flagship Galaxy device. Barring some major upset in the schedule Samsung's stuck to over the past several years, the "Samsung Experience 9.0 beta" will quite likely be applied to the Samsung Galaxy S9 this upcoming spring. This update will be available starting on November 2nd – with some prerequisites.

Users will have experienced the Samsung Experience version 8.5 with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung suggests that the next big update will be available as part of the Galaxy beta program. This update will focus on "the increasing suite of unique services Samsung has developed for the Galaxy devices."

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That means unique features in Samsung apps – or at least Samsung's version of said features – come to life in Samsung Galaxy smartphones already in consumer hands. Not one whole heck of a lot of details are provided on what'll be inside this beta – but given the select number of leaks leaked over the past couple weeks, we have a pretty decent set of inklings. See the timeline of links below for more information on that bit.

This update will be available to users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus first – further suggesting the intended target of the software: the Galaxy S9. This preview software in beta form will be available to users in the United States, the UK, and South Korea. To attain access to this beta software, Samsung device users must first sign up for a Samsung Account.

Samsung also mentions that these users must "meet certain requirements" – which are likely short and sweet. The Galaxy beta program, they suggested today, "may be provided via the Samsung Members app or the Samsung+ app for the United States." These apps are available through the Galaxy Apps app store or the Google Play app store immediately. Look within those apps for a sign-up sheet for the Beta.